Put on your bra

Let's do the scoop & swoop!

  1. With the bra in front of you, slide the straps over your arms and onto your shoulders.
  2. Lean forward, bending at the waist, place your breasts inside the cups and the wire beneath your breasts.
  3. Hook the back band at the snuggest comfortable adjustment.
  4. Scoop & Swoop: With your left hand, grip the top of the wire underneath your left arm. With your right hand, go into the cup and scoop the breast tissue towards the center of your chest moving all breast tissue in front of and above the wire. Repeat on the other side. Breast tissue extends around the side of your rib cage, and we want it all inside the cups, so be sure to reach all the way under your arms. 
  5. Grab the center gore (the "bridge" between the two cups) and pull it up towards your head to ensure the breasts are completely filling the bottom of the cups. The wire should be sitting beneath the breast and lying flat against the rib cage.  
  6. Gently pull the top of each cup up and tighten the slack in the straps individually. (Ideally seek assistance.)
  7. Beginning at the center gore, slide your index finger inside and along the top of the cup towards the strap. Do this on both cups. This ensures that both breasts are in their own cup and there is separation between them. You may need to walk your fingers down into the cup to move the breast tissue out from under the wire at that center bridge. The breast should not meet in the middle and the center gore should lie flat against the rib cage. This will also smooth any wrinkling at the top of the cup or mounding of the breast.

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