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Empowering and supporting women since 1996

Lion's Lair Boutique was founded in 1996 by our owner, Kimberly Berger, out of a personal need for specialty sized swimwear.  It has become a destination for those seeking exceptional quality, superior customer service, and the perfect fit. Originally located in Islamorada in the Florida Keys, Lion's Lair opened its second fitting salon in High Springs, in North Florida in 2019.

Our staff are trained in the art & science of bra fitting. Our fitting team embark on a certification process that requires a minimum of 9 months apprenticeship, followed by an oral and written test. All of our staff work daily with real women in our brick and mortar store to provide personal fittings, individual attention, and customer education. All purchases are approved by a certified bra fit specialist to ensure the best possible fit. Our dedication and passion to support women has led Lion's Lair to become recognized as the expert in both larger cup sizes and plus sizes in the swimwear and lingerie industries.

As industry leaders, we frequently consult with the world's top designers and suggest ways to improve selection, styling, and fit for the voluptuous woman. Discovering solutions and transforming these ideas into reality is extremely gratifying and exciting. However, nothing is more rewarding than helping you, our customer, feel beautiful and confident in the perfect fit!


Meet our team:

Our mission is to provide superior customer service, exceptional quality and the perfect fit. Our website is serviced by the same staff that work in our brick and mortar location. 

Kimberly: Owner & Founder
Carol: Certified Bra Fitter
Sierra Certified Bra FitterTaylor: Webmaster


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