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Figuring out your best size can be challenging,
that's why we want to help!

The same staff members that work in our retail store are ready to assist you online. We work daily with all of the products on this site and have over 25 years of in-person fitting experience.  We see the garments on real bodies, every day, not just in the perfect pictures provided by the manufacturers. We understand who they work for, who they don't, and how they really fit. You can count on us to help you navigate the varying size scales and translate the "bra alphabet" for each of the brands that we carry.

Looking for help and recommendations?
That's what we are here for!

Contact us to receive a personalized inventory suited to your specific size, needs and body type. Wearing the correct bra size is an important part of self-care. It is recommended to be refit annually. It is just as important to select the correct style as it is the right size.

You can rely on us to help you get the perfect fit every time, both online and in person. Returning customers receive complimentary refit services for up to 5 years from the date of their last measurements. New customers are requested to schedule a virtual or in person fitting so we can best serve you.

Measuring Instructions:

You will obtain the most accurate measurement if you ask someone to help you.

Your RIB measurement is the actual measurement in inches of your ribcage where the bra band sits. The measuring tape should be horizontal and snug. You want the smallest possible reading, so measure on the exhale.

Your BUST measurement is taken while wearing your best fitting bra. Measure across the back and around the fullest part of your breast. This time the tape should be loose- almost to the point of slipping off while remaining horizontal.

Enter these 2 measurements (RIB x BUST), your current bra size & brand, and your US numerical pant size into the contact form below. Include a note of any "trouble spots" or "fit challenges" that concern you.  

Last but not least, what you are looking for? A fashion forward bikini for spring break? A sports bra for an upcoming 5k? A sophisticated post mastectomy swimsuit? A strapless bustier for your wedding dress? A full coverage tankini suitable for chasing after grandkids? We are here to help you with all of your swimwear and lingerie needs.

Our job is to provide you with the best support for every stage of your life. Your job is to enjoy living it.

 How to measure

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