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The same staff that work in our retail stores is ready to assist you online. We work daily with all of the products on this site and have over 25 years of in-person fitting experience.  We see the garments on real bodies, every day, not just in the glossy pictures of a magazine. We understand who they work for, who they don't and how they really fit. You can count on us to help you navigate the varying size scales and translate the "bra alphabet" for each of the brands that we carry.

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Fill out the contact form below and receive a personalized inventory suited to your specific size, needs and body type. Wearing the correct bra size is an important part of self-care. It is just as important to select the correct style as it is the right size. You can rely on us to help you get the perfect fit every time, both online and in person.
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Measuring Instructions

You will obtain the most accurate measurement if you ask someone to help you.

Your RIB measurement is the actual measurement in inches of your ribcage where the bra band sits. The measuring tape should be horizontal and snug. You want the smallest possible reading, so measure on the exhale.

Your BUST measurement is taken while wearing your best fitting bra. Measure across the back and around the fullest part of your breast. This time the tape should be loose- almost to the point of slipping off while remaining horizontal.

Enter these 2 measurements (RIB x BUST), your current bra size & brand, and your US numerical pant size into the contact form below. Include a note of any "trouble spots" or "fit challenges" that concern you.  

Last but not least, what you are looking for? A fashion forward bikini for spring break? A sports bra for an upcoming 5k? A sophisticated post mastectomy swimsuit? A strapless bustier for your wedding dress? A full coverage tankini suitable for chasing after grandkids? We are here to help you with all of our swimwear and lingerie needs.

Our job is to provide you with the best support for every stage of your life. Your job is to enjoy living it.

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Fit Problems

and how to resolve them

The underwires poke or pinch under your arms or into your breast tissue.

Try going up a cup size. The wire should lay flat against your body and not dig in to any breast tissue (Remember your breasts continue around the side of your body.)

Your bra is hooked on the tightest adjustment

Go down a band size. Aim to buy a bra that offers a snug fit on the loosest adjustment. A bra can stretch up to 4 inches during its service to us and that is when the smaller adjustments will come in handy.

When you lift your arms above your head, your bra rides up.

The band is too big. You need a smaller band size. Your ideal band size should within a few inches of your ribcage measurement.

The center bridge does not lay flat against your rib cage.

You need a cup with more volume, or to go up a cup size and possibly go down a band size.

The fabric in the cup gaps or wrinkles.

Either the straps need to be tightened or the cup is too big or too tall. First adjust yourself in the cups (see How to Put on a Bra). Next, tighten the straps. If the fabric wrinkles everywhere, go down a cup size. If the fabric wrinkles at the top and the rest of the cup fits well, try going down a band size. (Remember that you must go up a cup size to maintain the same wire size!)

The straps fall off of your shoulders.

After tightening the straps, try this test: Stand in front of a mirror and take one strap off of your shoulder. If your bra does not remain horizontal you must go down a band size. Straps will slip off of the shoulders if spaced too far apart. Going down a band size will will bring them closer together. Alternatively, you may need change bra styles. Select a bra with center pull straps.

Bulging or mounding occurs above the cup.

The cup is too small. Go up a cup size. 

Breast 'spillage' occurs beneath the underwires.

The band is too big. Go down a band size.

The straps dig into your shoulders.

This is because the straps are supporting the breast. Loosen the straps. 90% of your support should come from the band. Only 10% of support should come from the straps - If your breasts aren't supported, go down a band size.

The sides of the bra cut into and irritate your underarm.

The bra is too tall for you, try going down a band size and going up a cup, or try a different bra style. If you don't want a different style, try one cup size down.

You suffer from neck strain, backache and/or headaches

It is possible that you are relying on the straps for support instead of allowing the band to do its job. Go down a band size.

The back band rides up and does not remain level.

Go down a band size. If the back rides up your breasts go down. Keep them up with a snug band.

Little fat rolls occur on the sides under your arms.

This isn't fat! It's your breast tissue! Go up a cup size.

The wire tips outward from the body below the breast.

Go down a band size.

The fabric lies flat under the breast but the cup fits everywhere else.

Adjust your breasts in the cups as explained in 'How to Put on a Bra'. If this doesn't fix the problem, go up a cup size. Your breast may be larger than the wire and unable to sit inside of its curve, therefore it is sitting on top of it.

You readjust yourself and/or your bra throughout the day.

You are wearing the wrong size or style for your body type. Once you put the correct size bra on, it should remain in place and comfortable until you reluctantly take it off at the end of the day.

The wires come out of your bras after a couple months of use.

It is very likely that this is because you are wearing the wrong size, particularly too large of a band. If the bra continuously moves during wear, the channeling that holds the wire is stressed and the wires will poke through. If the correct size is worn, stress to the bra is limited, due to it remaining stationary on the body. Of course, quality and care play important roles here, also.

The wires cross at the center bridge between the cups.

The wire size is too big. Go down a cup size.

Still have questions? Contact us for answers!

How to put on a bra

With the bra in front of you, slide the straps over your arms and onto your shoulders.

Lean forward, bending at the waist, place your breasts inside the cups and hook the back band at the snuggest comfortable adjustment.

Place your hand inside the top of the opposite cup and gently scoop all of your breast tissue forward so that it is in front of and above the wire. Breast tissue extends around the side of your rib cage, and we want it all inside the cups, so be sure to reach all the way under your arms. Repeat with the other breast.

Now stand up straight. Grab the center gore (the "bridge" between the two cups) and pull it up to ensure the breasts are completely filling the bottom of the cups. The wire should be sitting beneath the breast and lying against the rib cage.  Pull the top of each cup up and tighten the slack in the straps individually. (Ideally seek assistance.)

Beginning at the center gore, slide your index finger inside and along the top of the cup towards the strap. Do this on both cups. This ensures that both breasts are in their own cup and there is separation between them. The breast should not meet in the middle and the center gore should lie flat against the rib cage. This will also smooth any wrinkling at the top of the cup or mounding of the breast.

Always use products designed for lingerie and swimwear.

Garment Care

It is always the manufacturers' recommendation to hand wash lingerie and swimwear. However, in today's busy world, many women choose to launder their garments in a washing machine.  If you choose to do this with your lingerie, please take the following precautions to lessen the chance of damaging the delicate fabrics and lace :
ALWAYS use a lingerie bag.
NEVER use bleach or fabric softeners.
ALWAYS drip dry and NEVER tumble dry.  
We strongly recommend against laundering your swimwear in this manner.  Elastic has a memory and the agitation of a washing machine is detrimental to the shape of garments with high lycra content. 

Recommended care products

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